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Madix Wide Span

When bulk or weight eliminates the use of storage shelving, Madix Wide Span is the ideal alternative.  It is affordable, has many commercial, and industrial applications.  Frames are slotted on 2" centers to accept brackets on horizontal beams.  Beams are tied together by steel deck supports.

Discounts Available on $300 Orders

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Hardware Store Racks

Displays for Pet Food

Wide Span Components

Wide Span Uprights

Wide Span Uprights

Heavy gauge 13/4" square Upright members with welded oval cross braces are slotted 2" OC for adjustability. Heavy-Duty Frame has additional bracing to resist accidental stacker impact. Top beam will fit flush to top of frame. Requires a minimum of two decks, four beams, per section.

Available in Heights from 48" high to 120" high and depths of 18" Deep to 48" Deep

Madix Wide Span Deck Kits

Wide Span Deck Kits

Convenient, accurate ordering is assured with Madix Wide Span Deck Kits. Each Deck Kit includes two Beams, correct number of Deck Supports, plus one Deck for ease of ordering. One kit required per level of shelving.  Dart Clips for Beam locking are not included. Four Wide Span Dart Clips (WSDC-50) are required per kit.

Madix Wide Span racking works well for displaying Automotive Batteries, Automotive Tires, Automotive Oil, Pet Food, Tac Supplies for Farm Supplies, and a lot of heavier items or products with special display merchandising needs.

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Tire Displays - Gravity Feed Displays for Batteries & Oil.

Madix Tire Rack

Madix Tire Rack

Madix Battery Rack

Gravity Feed Battery Rack

Madix Oil Rack

Gravity Feed Oil Display


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