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Madix Storage Shelving

Madix Boltless Storage Shelving

Madix Storage Shelving Madix Storage Shelving
Storage Shelving
  Many storage problems are solved by use of sturdy, economical Madix Storage Shelving. All hanging and packaged garments, shoes, general merchandise, auto parts, and most industrial goods are easily accommodated with this product.  Madix’s unique interlocking upright/retainer design features ease of assembly, strength, durability and 1" adjustment of shelves and accessories.  A complete line of accessories is available.  Painted parts are finished Blue Gray or Sahara for a durable and attractive appearance. Wood shelves are high density particle board. Wire grid shelves, 3" OC grid, also available.

Storage Shelving Pricing

Storage Shelving units are priced EZ in what is known as a Starter Section, Center Section, and a Finishing Section.  A Starter Section is one complete section that is configured with one end and a center upright, an Add On Section is configured in a center upright configuration, and a finishing section is configured with a standard upright configuration..  When starting with a Starter Section, Add On Sections, and a Finishing Section can be continuously added and connected to make what is known as an Aisle of Storage Shelving.

Madix Storage Shelving Boltless Configuration

The Madix Storage Shelving simply fits together by dropping the shelving retainers into the uprights locking the system together, and the shelving system simply drops into the retainers and are available in either a grid type shelving system or in wood shelves.




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