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Madix Gondola Shelving

The most popular line of Gondola Shelving manufactured by Madix is the Maxiline as pictured to the right. The Maxiline is available in a two sided configuration that provides shelving on both sides of the fixtures. We also have a one sided configuration that only provides shelving on one sided of the fixture. More Info

The Madix End Cap is also best configured with the one sided configuration in a double back configuration as it will provide the support of a heavier load of product and merchandise. More Info

Upper shelf depths start at eight inches deep and run as deep as thirty inches in two inch increments. The base shelves like the upper shelves start at twelve inches deep. More Info

Standard heights are available up to ninty six inches and can be as low as thirty six inches. Heights are available in between in six inch increments. If needed heights can be extended beyond ninty six inches either with the use of extension uprights or special order. More Info

The Madix Gondola Shelving is basically sold in sections. We have standard sections available in eithers three foot or thirty six inch wide section or a fourty eight inch sections. By special order we have a two foot or twenty four inch section and a thirty inch section. More Info

Many finishes, colors, coverings, and laminates are available for Madix Gondola Shelving to meet the needs or most any store design. More Info

ESSI being a full service Store Fixture provider supports a full list of Madix Gondola Shelving Accessories. Some of the most popular accessories we have are Candy Racks, Gravity Bottle Shelves, Shelving Dividers, Casters for Madix Gondolas, Wire Grid Shelving, Lumner and Pipe Displays, Show Racks, Mop and Brrom Displays, Corner Sections for One Sided Gondola Shelving, Hangrods and Heavy Duty Peg Hooks, Maxi Racking fr Magix Gondola Shelving.

Racking systems for heavy merchandise and a ware house are the Madix Wide Span Racking and your typical Madix Pallet Racking. The Wide Span Racking is a lighter duty style of rack. It is a popular rack for bagged that will support large bags of dog food and feed. The Pallet Racking is basically used in a warehouse for larger items and bulk storage of merchandise or items on a pallet.

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